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, i want my funk uncut. that's something bill o'reilly face messaged me. what does the u.n say about our manning marg laws? i hear they are dubious. it turns out the u.n is not as chill as i thought. they are challenging the ballot initiatives in colorado and washington. he says approving the de criminalization of the small amounts of pot sends, quote, a small amount to the rest of the nation and a wrong message abroad. and he hopes eric holder will do all he can to ensure weed remains illegal in america. meanwhile, these guys are into a different drug. it is like your saturday nights. hamsters and trans music. you said earlier this is a wake up call for the u.n and it is time we listen. >> i don't think that is exactly what i said jie. did i get it wrong? >> i said who ask the u.n their opinion about anything? i mean shut up. >> that's basically what i said. >> kind of the same. i thought that's what u.n stood for. i thought it stood for shut up. the only thing that bothers me is that eric holder might listen to them. if they legalize drugs there will be no drug dealers and who will
look at kim jun u.n i see channing tatum. >> you think he was actually a great choice. >> he is a good looking dude. i don't know if he is the sexiest. that's up for debate. no one was more surprise than me of come mu thirst china would be so easily fooled. >> did you have an editorial meeting about this or they say you run this story in the vegetable. >> if you look at "people" he is also the sexiest woman and best in show. >> you did bring up a good point . henry winkler now -- before when he was the fonz compared to now, and now he looks and sounds like fat woody allen. before he was the sexiest guy. >> he is still great. >> he is still great. he is a great guy. >> time to take a break. when we return, a performance from tonight's musical guest, bow-wow-wow. that will be great. >>> a retired submarine captain has written the best e-mail of all time to his three grown children. quote, it is obvious none of us has the faintest notion of the bitter disappointment each of you has in his own way. each is contrived to a voice of moderate uh -- achievement. i have been forced to the never
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2